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Elvira's Reward Points: 3441

Points When What Where
10 High Rated Argument Anime
10 High Rated Argument Which is better, anime or cartoons?
1 Added Argument Does "Separation of Church and State" Exist in the Constitution?
1 Added Argument I have met very few people on this site who admit they are Democrat or Liberal. WHY?
1 Added Argument 13 Million more people on food stamps since 2009! So which is it, good economy or failure?
2 Added Argument Is #ISISクソコラランプリ Appropriate?
5 Created Debate Is #ISISクソコラランプリ Appropriate?
10 Added Argument Should birth control be free?
5 Created Debate Should birth control be free?
1 Added Argument Sometimes you have to pretend you are asleep before you actually fall asleep but
1 Added Argument should domestic animals have more rights
1 Added Argument Should We Recycle?
2 Added Argument Should we help people if we don't know then?
1 Added Argument TTIP: for the better or for the worse?
2 Created Debate TTIP: for the better or for the worse?
1 Added Argument Tommorrow morning, it looks like Fox News will be a joke in the UK.
3 Added Argument FREE COLLEGE! Can you grasp how wrong it is for Government to pander our money for votes?
5 Created Debate Tommorrow morning, it looks like Fox News will be a joke in the UK.
1 Added Argument Is the news a bunch of bs
5 Created Debate If we find aliens, what would be the creationist excuse?
1 Added Argument If cops used cats instead of dogs -would they be called K10 unit?
4 Added Argument France is finding out what happens when America gives up it's super power status.
-1 Downvoted Argument Should enangered animals be in zoos?
1 Added Argument Why is it Liberals have become the hypocritical judgemental intolerant ones?

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