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Paul-ish's Reward Points: 77

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument How offensive/funny is this?
1 Added Argument Do you think that birth control should be covered under insurance?
2 Added Argument Is Keynesian Economics the best economic theory?
5 Created Debate Is it better to be a live coward or dead hero?
1 Added Argument Atheism is illogical.
1 Added Argument Should suicide be legal?
1 Added Argument Assuming we determine the best form of government, is one world government desir
2 Added Argument Orson Scott Card and homosexuality
5 Created Debate Orson Scott Card and homosexuality
2 Added Argument Do morals and ethics have more to do with the quality of life than judgement of character?
1 Added Argument Should the US government fund stem cell research?
1 Added Argument Who is your favorite author?
1 Added Argument What is the most pointless thing to debate?
5 Created Debate What is the most pointless thing to debate?
3 Added Argument Who is the better space cowboy?
1 Added Argument Is the circumcision of babies needless mutilation?
1 Added Argument Should I live my life with 'absolutes'?
1 Added Argument Which is better- a corrupt government or no government?
1 High Rated Argument Is debating religion worth the time and effort?
9 Added Argument Which Extreme Form of Government is Better?
2 Added Argument Is debating religion worth the time and effort?
1 Added Argument Is Pornography degrading to our society?
1 Added Argument Does history have value outside of academics?
1 Added Argument Should Marijuana be legalized?

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