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RavenLily's Reward Points: 733

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is this Saint Now rapping for Jesus?
1 Added Argument It is OK to swallow a fly but not a horse.
4 Added Argument Who will get the last word in this debate?
2 Added Argument Unborn women also have the right to choose.
1 Added Argument Countdown to the Trump Presidency.
2 Added Argument How not to be homophic.
2 Added Argument How do I stop having a crush on someone?
1 Added Argument Should people wait until marriage to make love?
2 Added Argument Obama is going out of office like he came in, a complete uncompromising Liberal.
1 Added Argument Is Crying Racism the New Calling Wolf?
1 Added Argument Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas.
2 Added Argument Say who you do not like here in CreateDebate...
1 Added Argument The debates in CreateDebate are getting from BAD to WORSE
3 Added Argument What would you name you child?
1 Added Argument Does anyone have any holiday traditions?
-1 Downvoted Argument What is Wrong with this Picture?
-1 Downvoted Argument
2 Added Argument Am I missing something or do Democrats have no answers to our nation's problems.
1 Added Argument Do Apples Feel Pain?
1 Added Argument Am I cool
6 Added Argument Should I register as a Democrat or as a Republican?
3 Added Argument A Introduction to Capitalism (Direct link to vid added)
1 Added Argument Your thoughts on Satan? On Demons?
1 Added Argument what should I do in Court on Friday?

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