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garry77777's Reward Points: 1775

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument TV is better than Books
2 Added Argument Is Egypt's Morsi the Worlds Latest Dictator?
1 Added Argument Should Boys and girls be able to kiss in school
1 High Rated Argument Which country is better - England or U.S.A?
3 Added Argument Will the U.S.A ever fall under dictatorship
1 Added Argument Obama Has Won the Presidential Election. How do you feel?
4 Added Argument Should Stacey Dash Have Been Criticized For Her Tweet in Support of Romney?
6 Added Argument The United States should declare war on Iran.
1 Added Argument Atheists. You have died, and find yourself before Yahweh. What do you say?
1 Added Argument Would you kill yourself knowing you could save 4,000+ people doing so?
5 Added Argument Ya, i do have mental issues
1 Added Argument Is Russia Today (RT) a Russian propaganda channel?
2 Added Argument we dont need science to evolve.
1 Added Argument The end of the US dollar (is fast approaching)
1 Added Argument What Is Your Opinion on Grammar Nazis?
1 Added Argument No justice yet for Rachel Corrie and her family.
5 Created Debate No justice yet for Rachel Corrie and her family.
1 Added Argument A World Peace Treaty
2 Added Argument Is Suicide Justifiable?
1 Added Argument Should we end the War on Terrorâ„¢?
1 Added Argument Suicide should be easy and simple.
1 Added Argument is it me, or do americans think they're the only people living on this planet?
4 Added Argument Nihilism
1 Added Argument Vegetarian is best or Omnivore is best

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