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starbaby1996's Reward Points: 65

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Will Lebron James leave the Cleveland Cavaliers
1 Added Argument Nba Champs
1 Added Argument Should Bill Clinton Have Been Removed From Office Because Of His Actions?
1 Added Argument Why is soccer the king of sports ???
1 Added Argument Why Do People Say Thing That They Know Wont Come True
5 Created Debate Why Do People Say Thing That They Know Wont Come True
5 Created Debate how do you feel about the Arizona Immigration law
4 Created Debate What Music Is Better
2 Added Argument is god real
5 Created Debate should parents be able to read thier childrens text messages?
1 Added Argument Do you like Family Guy?
1 Added Argument Coke or Pepsi
1 Added Argument Can Jokes Go Too Far?
1 Added Argument Chasing Fat Kids
1 Added Argument Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize... Do you think he deserved to win?
1 Added Argument 1 does not equal 1. Care to dispute?
1 Added Argument Is Drinking Milk Healthy For Humans?
5 Created Debate Womens Basketball
5 Created Debate What Animal Is Better Cat/Dog
1 Added Argument March Madness: what do you think?
1 Added Argument dO yOU eVER fORGET cAPS lOCK iS oN?
1 Added Argument WHOS THE BADDEST
4 Created Debate Would You Rather Eat Dirty Toenails or Eat A Eyeball

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